Better Than Cloning: How to Scale Your SMEs

Whether you pronounce it ess-em-ee or smee, a good SME (subject-matter expert) is worth their weight in gold. The SME is the person who knows their stuff—the details, the ins and outs, the gotchas … everything about a particular subject. They are the go-to for that topic. But here’s the thing. Being an SME isn’t actually their job. It’s simply a result of whatever responsibilities they’re tasked with on a day-to-day basis. And the better they are at their SME-iness, the more in demand they are to share that expertise, and the more likely people within the company are to say, “we need to clone” the SME.

A More Realistic Approach

Even if it were remotely possible to clone SMEs, distributing their knowledge across a company or even a team would be laborious and take considerable amounts of time. A much better—and much more doable—option is to scale those SMEs. Today, their knowledge probably exists mostly in their heads, and they have to connect with people, either individually or in groups, to share it. This typically happens on an ad hoc basis and isn’t a good way to broadly disseminate knowledge. What it does do, however, is pull SMEs in a million different directions and distract them from their regular jobs.

What if there was a way to deliver an SME’s tribal knowledge across an entire organization? And anyone needing that knowledge can access it wherever and whenever they need it? And the SME could focus on their primary responsibilities without getting burned out on all the knowledge-sharing demands?

Technology to the Rescue

Retrieve makes it easy to “appify” and distribute knowledge, information, and communications so those who need it can retrieve it on demand. It’s an SME’s best friend. Instead of responding to the same question individually over and over again via email, answer it once and make it accessible to everyone who needs that answer. Instead of spending hours writing up information—because, let’s face it, writing is hard for a lot of people and just because you know a subject cold doesn’t mean it’s easy to write eloquently about it—you could spend just minutes recording a quick video. Instead of having to schedule time-consuming meetings, you could collaborate asynchronously, which is a fancy way of saying at your convenience. Try Retrieve for yourself—for free.

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