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Find the Answers You Need When You Need Them


You have a question. You need an answer as soon as possible so your downtime is minimal. Where are you going to get your answer?

You could Google it. You’ll get millions—if not tens of millions—of results, and you’ll get them fast. Realistically, though, you’ll only sift through the first 30 or so that are on the first three pages of results. It takes time and it’s sometimes difficult to know if you’re getting good information from a reputable source. Google makes it easy to find and retrieve information, you just don’t know what’s good and what’s junk.

And, of course, some answers aren’t on Google. Like the type of information that’s in the employee handbook. For that, you could turn to the intranet. OK, you can stop laughing now. We know you can’t find anything on your intranet—no one can. Pretty much every corporate intranet, while built with the very best of intentions, is difficult to use. It works great as a repository for all your company information, it just isn’t easy to find and retrieve the answer to a specific question.

Of course, you could try to hunt down someone to answer your question, but that can take time—and take you off task. Or you could just make it up and hope you get it right.

Retrieve Answers Easily, Quickly, and With Confidence

What if there was a third option? What if you had an app with easy-to-use search that delivers a manageable set of relevant results that include PDFs, text, and video? It wouldn’t matter what format the answer is in, you’d instantly get it. Content that’s updated is instantly available to all users so you know that you have the latest information. And because it supports controlled distribution, all relevant content is there with no worry that confidential company information is posted out in the wild. It doesn’t replace the intranet. It doesn’t require you to rip and replace any of your existing systems or content. It works with everything you already have. Sound too good to be true? Nope. It’s all available with Retrieve. Oh, and you getting started is easy and free—try Retrieve yourself.

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