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Securely Distribute Your Expertise

Connect your knowledge to those that need it without giving it away on public mediums.

  • Searchable videos, text, documents, and photos
  • Customized smart content distribution
  • Consulting communication platform
  • Increased engagement due to pertinence and accessibility

Provide Simple Support and Feedback Access

Provide a support area to ask questions. Distribute surveys to gain helpful feedback.

  • Two way support channel
  • Communicate via video, text, documents, or photos
  • Customized survey delivery and reporting

I can state with conviction that if it wasn't for my involvement with Retrieve I would not have been able to maintain my independence as a consultant for 20 years.

Provide News and Content Updates

Communicate important updates to the right users. Stay in front of them and keep them engaged so they continue to rely on your expertise.

  • Push notify targeted audiences
  • Increase engagement
  • Keep users informed

Measure Engagement and Interest

Gain insight like never before across multimedia content. Be able to see who, what, where, when, how and even why.

  • Complete back end anlaytics
  • Macro and Micro reporting
  • Act upon the knowledge

I truly believe that Retrieve is at the forefront of technology for distributing high quality training material, providing tools for technical support, collaboration and assessments. Retrieve is making it easy for users to access content either via their mobile phone or desktop.