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A Comprehensive Library of AutoCAD Video Training Courses

Retrieve provides a variety of AutoCAD training topics from the top subject matter experts in the field.  Individual titles are available via the app store.   Enterprise licenses are available for larger organizations.

  • Full Courses on AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, Inventor and many more
  • Desktop access via Retrieve web portal
  • Mobile access via iTunes and Google Play

Get More Out of Standard Training.  Customize It and Make It More Usable.

"Off-the-shelf" training courses often provide just a portion of the information needed.   Supplement these courses with your custom-built training, workflows, best practices, field documents and other material that is proprietary to your business.  Unique and secure distribution methods ensure that end-users only receive access to the instructional materials and communications they need on any device.

  • Easily drag and drop digital files or videos
  • Customized distribution & unique user experience
  • Measure engagement, know what is watched, by who and when

Ready-to-go AutoCAD Video Training Courses


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Powerful Two-Way Communication Tools, Unlike Other Training Systems

Retrieve combines an excellent training delivery system with innovative two-way communication tools not found in traditional learning management systems. Project leaders, training managers, authors, and subject matter experts can engage their audience privately, in collaboration groups, support channels or forums using text, images and videos.

  • Support users via two-way help-desk features
  • Use smartphone or desktop video to collaborate with the audience
  • Gain feedback with surveys or certify with assessments

Increase Employee Utilization, Give Them the Tools to Find Answers Fast

Decrease training time by providing the exact content your employees need.  All content is easily retrievable through search, including every spoken word in video.

  • Find, retrieve, and jump to the precise location in instructional materials
  • Precisely control delivery by user group or profile
  • Push notify users to communicate important training updates
  • Report on utilization and to improve engagement

I truly believe that Retrieve is at the forefront of technology for distributing high quality training material, providing tools for technical support, collaboration, assessments and making it easily accessible for users either via their mobile phone or desktop.