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Get Retrieve Free

Distribute New Employee Content

Distribute on-boarding content based on employee job role and / or location.

  • Searchable videos, text, documents, and photos
  • Customized smart content distribution
  • Increased engagement due to pertinence and accessibility

Assess Knowledge for Company Compliance

Certify an employee’s knowledge for employment (HR Policies, Compliance, etc.).

  • Reports let you measure content engagement
  • Create assessments that ensure a level of aptitude
  • Certify employees for liability compliance

Our rigorous on-boarding and training processes are now delivered in the Retrieve application.  We orient new employees effectively without disrupting the flow of our business.  Plus, all team members can Retrieve and review anything in our HR library  at any time.

Provide Support and Feedback Channels

Create a support area for employees to ask questions. Distribute surveys to gain helpful feedback.

  • Two way support channel
  • Communicate via video, text, documents, or photos
  • Customized survey delivery and reporting

Communicate Efficiently with News and Content Updates

Distribute important updates to the right set of employees.

  • Push notify targeted audiences
  • Increase engagement
  • Keep employees informed

We would not be able to distribute our library of content as effectively or as efficiently to our staff without the Retrieve platform.