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Explore the features of the VTS below...


Secure Distribution

Retrieve integrates with LDAP, CRMs, and other systems to allow administrators to control who has access to content and communications.


The kApps you build are native mobile apps that provide easy access for users across any iOS or Android device, as well as browsers.


Get valuable insights into user activity to track adoption and usage.


All content—every spoken or non-spoken word—is easily retrievable with search that delivers a manageable set of relevant results.


Two-way Communications

Enhance your content and the user experience with interactivity and collaboration. A wide range of capabilities—including announcements, assessments, surveys, forums, livestreams, chats, and support—are built right in.

Multi-Media Toolbox

No matter what format your content currently resides in—text, PDF, images, video, etc.—you can easily appify it. Adding new content is just as easy and you don’t need to be a designer or have fancy tools to do it.

Retrieve Pricing

Our generous freemium model does more than just get
you started—you can take advantage of all the capabilities and get real value for your organization without being bound by reduced functionality.
And our freemium model is extremely affordable for organizations of any size.

The first 100 distributions are free!

Anything over 100 distributions is only $0.03 per user per month.


For enterprise, we have a more affordable option.

Contact us to learn more.