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Privately Distribute Content and Control Access

Distribute product content based on job role, user persona, location and more.

  • Searchable videos, text, documents, and photos
  • Customized smart content distribution
  • Increased engagement due to pertinence and accessibility

Simple Support and Feedback Access

Provide a support area to ask questions. Distribute surveys to gain helpful feedback.

  • Two way support channel
  • Communicate via video, text, documents, or photos
  • Customized survey delivery and reporting

For new product development, we decided to use Retrieve to interact with our beta test customers.    Using Retrieve, we doubled the number of users that participate in beta evaluations, helping us make better informed product decisions.


Communicate Efficiently with News and Updates

Provide important updates to the right audience. Provide your audience with targeted material to stay engaged.

  • Push notify targeted audiences
  • Increase engagement
  • Keep everyone informed

Measure Engagement and Interest

Gain insight like never before across multimedia content. Be able to see who, what, where, when, how, and even why.

  • Complete back end anlaytics
  • Macro and Micro reporting
  • Act upon the knowledge

Using the Retrieve platform, we upload our recorded demo segments and collaborate directly with users to analyze new feature usage.    We can segment our communications to precise user audiences by region or by job title, for instance, helping us make product decisions with respect to local conditions or purchase authority.