9.33 - Bulk Edits, Voice Training, and Time Clips Enhancement

The latest product release includes various updates to building and improving content. Make bulk changes to your pages, use our enhanced voice training feature to improve searchability of spoken words in your videos, and easily add navigation to your video with a new transcript feature.


Bulk Actions

If you already have various pages created, you can now manage them more easily. In the Settings menu for Content, select Bulk Edit. You can delete, toggle the publish state, enable discussions, and move multiple pages at a time at the click of a button.

Bulk Edit


Voice Training

Improve the searchability of words spoken in your video by training our system to the speakers voice. Upload a new video and apply a Voice Profile that has already been created or capture your voice quickly to apply to the new video. Videos that have already been uploaded can be trained to your voice or another speakers voice within the Transcript Editor.

Make sure to speak in a clear and natural voice while you are training the system to ensure your captions are as accurate as possible!



Add Time Clips from Transcript

Time Clips allow you to call out important parts of your video to viewers. Create Time Clips manually or skim the transcript and highlight the desired sections to create a Time Clip easily.