9.34 - Text and Image Translation, Import Microsoft Files, and Survey Update

The latest release brings some powerful new features and some long-awaited updates. Enjoy the new translation features, create content pages or embed Microsoft Suite files, and check out the new Survey interface.


Turn your Microsoft Files into Content Pages

Last year, we released a feature that allows you to create content with PDFs you already have. Now you can enjoy this feature for Microsoft Suite files: Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets.

These files can be imported from the new Add Pages from File option. Select the type of file from which pages will be created. Identify where your pages should be imported: added to your last chapter, added to a new chapter with your file's name, or replace your content. Lastly, manage your pages by combining, excluding, and renaming them as needed.




If you want to keep your PDFs or Microsoft Suite Files in their current format, you can elect to embed it as a full content page. Users will get to see the file in a viewer within their Retrieve environment - without having to leave the discussion or environment!




Translate Text and Images into Different Languages

You have previously been able to enjoy caption and audio translation on the videos uploaded within Retrieve. We have expanded our robust translation abilities into the other areas of our Content extension. Any text that the Author adds to a page can be translated to the language of their user's choosing. Additionally, any image that is uploaded that includes words will be able to be translated.


Try this feature with our new importing feature explained above! Import a PDF or a Microsoft Suite file into Content pages and see the English words on the page be translated into various languages.


Authors must first enable this translation setting within their app under Content Settings. Click to toggle to enable content page translations.


Survey Interface Update

We have been releasing many powerful updates to the interface and user experience within the Assessment. Now you can enjoy similar updates to the Survey extension. Easily create questions and answers for your users to respond to. Analyze all of the responses from the Results Tab or click into the individual questions to see what your user's are thinking.