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Developer API Platform

We're thrilled to announce the official launch of our Developer API Platform! Beginning today, we offer the ability to programmatically interact with the Retrieve, unlocking the potential for limitless integration with existing applications and systems.


User Management

First and most importantly, we’ve added support for provisioning and deprovisioning users through the API. Our beta customers have found this to be crucial, as user management can now be synced with existing applications without the need to uproot existing workflows. So far we’ve seen automated user management through Salesforce, custom integration with private cloud applications, and of course Zapier—which allows non-technical users to integrate Retrieve with over 1000 cloud apps without having to write any code.


Group Management

We also rolled out support for creation, deletion, and lookup of User Groups and Title Groups. For larger use cases that require significant distribution scale, utilization of Groups is a no-brainer. Instead of individually linking Title and User objects one-at-a-time, Groups allows for batch distribution. For example, content assignment to 5000 users in a User Group can be accomplished with a single API call.


File Upload and Processing

For companies with large pools of pre-existing content, we are happy to offer an automated option for file upload and processing. Our favorite use of this endpoint involves Zapier, which can be configured to watch a folder on your favorite cloud storage provider (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.), and automatically upload any media to the Title of your choosing.


Webhooks & Chatbots

Ok just one last thing- everyone loves chatbots, and now they’re a reality for users of Retrieve’s real time communication features (Collaborate, Forum, Contacts, and Support). Upload bot messages, alerts, and even files to the topic of your choice, allowing everyone to stay in the loop with your toolbox of cloud apps.


How to get started

While the API is fully available, we are currently offering it on an invitation only basis- shoot us a note at helpdesk@retrieve.com and we can chat!


Oh, we almost forgot the API Documentation. You can access that here :)