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Product Update 9.26

New easier to use interfaces, combined with more tools to enhance, manage and construct your content. We have created a modern way to deliver your knowledge, information, and communications. You can now deliver your employee handbooks, product manuals, PDFs and more as an app with little to no additional effort.


Site Admin

At the core of an Admin’s responsibility are three tasks. Monitor users, create kApps and assign kApps to users. Now, this can all be easily done in our new Admin Home screen:




Previously known as Titles, Authors will now build knowledge applications (kApps) to host their information and distribute communications securely to their targeted audiences.



Authors can now create and manage their new and existing information faster and quicker using the video studio and video creator tools. Quick launch your webcam to enhance your pages or utilize our robust Video Creator software which allows you to create and edit screen recordings, webcam, or picture-in-picture videos.


We encourage you to try Retrieve for free and without feature limitations to see the possibilities for yourself!

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