Product Update 9.32 - New year, new features!

Welcome 2019 with some great enhancements to your Retrieve library. Allow Viewers and Authors to have discussions on pages and video, enjoy video navigation and translation improvements, access help from Retrieve more efficiently, and experience our continued usability and design improvement.


Content & Assessments Discussions

Creating great content is something that we strive to make as easy and effective as possible. Now your users can enjoy your carefully constructed content with built-in discussions. Allow Viewers and Authors to connect about the content on the page to ask questions, make comments, and help the Author streamline improvements.

Content Discussions-1

You can also enjoy this new discussion feature within an Assessment. Users who take an Assessment can leave comments for the Author after they have completed it. The Author will be alerted to these comments and be able to provide feedback on their grading and answer any outstanding questions.


Video Navigation

We have made video transcription and time clips much easier to create. Authors can publish the video captions from the Edit Transcript menu so Viewers can search, scan, and click to the exact section of the video they are looking for.

Time Clips act as a video map that allows a user to jump to a specific section of the video. Authors can still manually create Time Clips. They can now save time by scanning through the transcription and clicking to add a Time Clip.


Video Translation

Easily create a video within Retrieve and have every spoken word become searchable and translated. Users can now further customize their viewing and listening options. Select one language for the audio to play in and another for the captions to be viewed in.


Need help?

Learn more about these features and others by accessing the Retrieve Help Center from your Library. You can also get to the Help Center within any kApp by clicking Help tab at the bottom of your left-hand navigation.