What's new in 9.14?


9.14 was released on August 8th! Check out our new Library Profiles feature, and updates to User Registration:


Library Profiles


We're excited to provide additional options that allow administrators to collect custom user information, and report on that information.


You'll notice a new option in your admin panel labeled "Library Profile". Clicking it will reveal options to configure custom data fields, allowing you to collect specific information from everyone on the site. Use this profile data to generate reports and create segmented user audiences.


The addition of Library Profiles also enables admins to reduce the number of user groups required for content distribution, significantly reducing administrative overhead, and facilitating scalability for our customers with complex organizational structures. 


Registration URL Improvements


Registration URLs are a fantastic way to automate content distribution by allowing users to self-service into user groups. However, once a user has successfully created an account and added themselves to a user group, any additional registration URLs the user attempts to use are invalid. We've added support to solve this case; pre-existing users who wish to add themselves to an additional user group via Registration URL will now be able to do so seamlessly.