What's new in 9.15?


9.15 was released on August 22nd! We have exciting additions and upgrades to our Alerts feature:



There are huge improvements in platform alerts; we've added support for message alerts, and blanketed everything with real-time responsiveness. Think of this new feature as the central hub where all your communications and actionable items live.


You'll notice a couple new icons at the top of the app; message alerts, and event alerts. Read on for more details:


Message Alerts



Think of message alerts like an all-encompassing inbox for your messaging communications. Every message you receiveneatly organized by topicis instantly funneled to your message alerts view, and displays exactly how many unread items you need to address:


Clicking a message will immediately transport you to the relevant topic, and the alert is automatically marked-as-read. Or, if you'd prefer to read the message directly from within the alerts view, you can also mark it as read manually:

markasread.gifFinally, if you happen to access the message without going through the message alert, it's marked-as-read for you in the background, and everything automatically stays in sync.


Need to get back to the topic later? No problem. All message alerts are saved in your alert view, automatically organized historically. 


Event Alerts


Event alerts handle activity from less-frequent communications, such as Contacts profile field requests, and Title Announcements. Although event alerts display different types of platform communications, they benefit from all the same real-time syncing features found in message alerts.