What's new in 9.20


  • Improvements to the 3D model viewer and chat interface
  • Retrieve desktop capture Chrome extension
  • Share timestamped URL links
  • Previously viewed content automatically marked-as-read



3D Model Viewer Meets Real-Time Chat


We believe that collaborating around a model or drawing doesn't simply end with sharing the most recent version of the file. To achieve true, rich collaboration, communication must be enabled by the entire spectrum of media; video, images, and digital assets are all crucial.


We have made improvements to our Forge 3D model viewer interface to allow for seamless context-based communication:




Retrieve Chrome Extension

We are excited to announce our Chrome extension, enabling users of our real-time communication features to seamlessly capture desktop video recordings. Record and post videos to conversations without ever leaving the conversation or launching bulky third-party screen recording software.



To get started, simply click on the video recording icon from any conversation and press "Record with Screen Capture."



Timestamped share links


Need to share a link to an exact moment in a particular video? We've added a new share link feature that allows for just that. Click the link icon on the upper right of any video to slide out a URL and time picker. Anyone who you share the resulting link with will be directed to that exact time in the video. 

Screenshot at Nov 16 15-03-58.png




It can be challenging for users consuming regularly-updated content to know what they have and have not already seen. We have added a new marked-as-read feature to solve this. You'll be able to stay caught up by quickly glancing at the checkmark next to each page you've seen: