What's new in 9.16?


Check below for release notes about Assessments, Video Calling, and Administration:




We've made some notable improvements to our Assessments feature:


Multiple Assessments 

Assessments have been updated to support multiple unique assessments per title. Create as many new assessments as you'd like, determine which segmented audiences to distribute them to, and publish them when you're ready to go live. 


Expiring Assessments 

We've added automation to assessment management, allowing individudal assessments to expire after a set period of time. Simply set a relative expiration date in days, and sit back while we handle the rest. Once the assessment expires, it will automatically move from user's 'completed' to 'to-do' folders. 


Optional Certificate Assessments

Our assessments have always had the capability to utilize custom PDF certificate templates, allowing for physical certification. For those who prefer more lightweight documentation, we have added the option to make the PDF certificate optional. 



Video Voicemail


We've added support for video greeting messages in our video calling feature. Simply record a greeting video that callers see if you don't pick up their call. They will be able to leave you a video message at any point. 



Bulk Upload & Bulk Delete


Whether it's Salesforce.com, an ERP, or any other 3rd party database, you probably strive to have user data in a central location. We've added support to integrate this data via CSV, allowing you to easily manage user provisioning within your Retrieve Library. Simply upload the file, and we'll take care of the rest.