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Increase Usage and Adoption

Companies use Retrieve to easily distribute video training to distinct user groups. The video training is indexed, searchable, and easily accessible from both mobile and web. On top of the training, companies offer integrated multimedia support so end-users can easily communicate with the company to find any additional information they need.

The end result of training and supporting users with Retrieve is better educated users who are able to use your products more efficiently.


We want to have our customers adopt our software because that’s how we ensure they renew their subscription. With Retrieve, we can provide another value add that’s part of our subscription. The outcome is more adoption and more renewals.

Rich | VP Marketing, B2W Software


Sell More Products

Retrieve allows companies to distribute the latest product information to sales reps and re-sellers. The product experts can update the information at any time and send targeted push notifications to keep the sales force up-to-date. Sales reps can easily share the product information to potential and existing customers.

By using Retrieve, companies have a well-informed sales force who have the tools to do their jobs more effectively and sell more products.

With Retrieve, we can ‘clone’ our team and give our resellers immediate access to product training and education to help them sell more and improve customer services.

Mike | Sales Representative, Trimble

Make Better Products

Companies can communicate with their end users through surveys, assessments, live streams, forums, and private group messaging. By engaging with end-users , companies are able to collect valuable feedback on their products. Additionally, companies can report on all activity and collect new insights on their products and end-users.

Companies who use Retrieve gain valuable information from their end-users and are able to incorporate user feedback into their next generation of products to build better products. 


We have significantly increased the amount of qualified product feedback, resulting in better feature decisions and customer experience.

Dave | Product Manager, Autodesk