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On-Demand Sales Readiness

Retrieve provides a platform to deliver sales content to the team members that need it.  Distribute product training videos, sales kits, testimonials, product catalogs, digital brochures or any digital media to help you scale your sales presence.

  • Searchable videos, text, documents, and photos
  • Customized smart content distribution
  • Increase engagement with pertinent up-to-date information, accessible from any device
  • Monitor usage levels, sales competency, and help-desk questions

Communicate Product and Training Updates

Provide time sensitive updates to keep your team informed about product enhancments or the competitive landscape.  Sales teams can recieve targeted material, stay engaged, and be more productive.

  • Push notify announcements to precise segments of your sales team, such as inside, field, regional, or channel partners
  • Unique parent-child content heirarchy allows master training content to be rapidly and reliably deployed to users
  • Increase engagement and keep teams informed

The adoption rate of Retrieve was extremely high. It made us realize if we put the right tool in our sales teams’ hands, it will make them even more effective.

Provide Simple Support and Feedback Access

Introduce an interactive support area to ask questions. Seemlessly grow you knowledge base. Distribute surveys to gain helpful feedback.

  • Two way support channel
  • Use two-way video, text, or image communications for support, Q&A, and collaboration
  • Customized survey delivery and reporting

Increase Team or Customer Collaboration

Allow teams to learn from each other regardless of location. Communicate with one or all and increase the collective knowledge.

  • Use video, text, documents, or photos to communicate
  • Asyncronous multimedia collaboration
  • Project specific controlled distribution

I call Retrieve a one-stop shop for our sales team because they have access to everything in their hands as opposed to needing physical copies or desktops.