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Reach New Audiences

The range of a subject matter expert's influence used to be limited by physical restrictions. SMEs could only train, educate, or consult in-person.

With Retrieve, subject matter experts can reach new audiences by digitally 'cloning' themselves and offering their services to a vastly broader range of potential customers. 


I am absolutely 100% convinced that if it was not for Retrieve, I would not be in business as an independent consultant today. I am able to provide a much better service to my clients today than I would have been able to prior to Retrieve.

Andrew | AutoCAD SME, APW Consulting 


Scale Your Business

Retrieve's features are built upon a foundation designed for enterprise use. Subject matter experts can use Retrieve's pricing structure and advanced distribution to cost-effectively communicate with a larger audience. Additonally, our customers are able to replace their existing in-person training and support.

By saving time and expanding to new customers, SMEs who use Retrieve are able to easily scale their business. 

Retrieve is expanding our possibilities. Traditionally, we would have to educate our clients onsite.  By using Retrieve, we have the potential for a more widespread distribution. Now our education is not limited by having to schedule training, travel and personnel. It is necessary to have that face-to-face interaction, but with Retrieve we can do it virtually. 

Eric | Chair Department of Kinesiology, UNH 

Provide Supplementary Content

Subject matter experts find that their training is not one-size-fits-all. Their content and support needs to be adapted for each audience. With Retrieve, SMEs are able to distribute content and support to separate user groups. From there, the SME can adapt and react to each group's needs.

SMEs who use Retrieve are able to provide easy access to their initial training, and as they continue to support their user groups, they can easily make the content more comprehensive.  


Now I can react really quickly. I might get a support question from a client who is asking me how to solve a problem. I can create a video, update their training and distribute that content to their entire organization. Through this whole process, the library of information that is applicable to the organization continues to grow. So as opposed to doing three days of training once a year, we do a couple hours of training once a month.  

Andrew | AutoCAD SME, APW Consulting