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Synergy911 is now able to bring on more customers, increase revenue and decrease cost, at the same time. They are now offering greater value to their customers by providing measurable results to the training they provide.

Synergy911 brings their flagship Emergency Management Training to thousands of people with the mission of minimizing risk, and increasing safety protocols in businesses, educational institutions, and hospitals across the country. In today’s world, knowledge is the first step in protection from a potentially tragic outcome.

Standard in-person training is difficult to scale and does not provide a leave-behind reference source. Synergy911 is sought after by corporations with thousands of employees and they needed to find a technical solution that would help them reach as many people as possible with the same effectiveness of live training.

Synergy911 partnered with Retrieve as a means of distributing their standard “Active Shooter” training. The relationship grew to much more once the breadth of Retrieve's platform was realized. Synergy911, now delivers standard and custom training to customers.

Retrieve allowed Synergy911 to clone themselves and reach a greater number of employees without having to physically be on premise. The Retrieve platform allowed them to expand their product offerings without complicating distribution and implementation. The Synergy911 customers were given the ability to see engagement and completion of the training for compliance certification.


What Retrieve has given us the ability to do is now reach out to any number, an infinite number, of people in the same manner that we would reach out to twenty people.  Our training is more effective because we are getting the same message delivered to all of our people.

Sgt. Brennan | CEO, Synergy