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Stop wasting time typing (and retyping) to get your point across, when verbal cues and tone get the job done in a fraction of the time.




Retrieve's Virtual Teaching System


Unlike online learning platforms that have the users learning on their own - bring the teacher back into the equation with Retrieve's VTS.  The VTS allows for competency based assessments like oral exams which is not possible with mostly text-based LMS with little to no searchability.


Integrate with Salesforce to bring the power of a CRM into the VTS


Experiential teaching without leaving the classroom.

Give your users all the tools they need for success. Real-world examples of topics are vital to the learning process. Take the costs of travel, coordination, and loss of time out of the equation to help your users understand the application of their knowledge.



Convey what you mean in the format that works best.

The traditional methods of assessing someone's competency aren't working. Users might be able to guess correctly on the typical True or False, Multiple Choice, or even short answer questions. 

In Retrieve's VTS, instructors can benefit from the use of oral exams to gauge comprehension. Assess users 5 to 10 times faster than traditional LMS methods with the ability to hear and see their understanding.


Have your content and retrieve it, too.

Every piece of content (video, images, text, support, communications, ...) is sent to the cloud, stripped of audio to be transcribed, transcoded, timestamped and fully indexed so it can be searched and even translated into many languages. 


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember..." - Benjamin Franklin



Retrieve is easy to use, it works with your existing tools and systems,

and best of all, there’s no rip-and-replace, no big investment required, and no learning curve.

You can get started for free!

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