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Creating a custom application with Retrieve is as easy as selecting from our set of ready-to-use communication extensions. Select individual extensions or combine them to solve any communication challenge. Our customizable extensions allow businesses to easily distribute information to users, enable users to contact the business, or allow users to communicate amongst each other.


“The Retrieve adoption was the fastest that I’ve experienced in my 20 years in marketing.“

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Only pay for what you use-at App Store level pricing. We offer a low cost platform for distributing content to large numbers of users. Additionally, by charging on individual usage, we can guarantee a scalable solution with a positive ROI.


“Now we can present material either physically in person, or remotely by providing online or mobile based training applications with Retrieve. That really becomes an effective, a cost effective, efficient way to train a large number of people in a short period of time.“

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Native mobile apps work in conjunction with your custom web portal to ensure information can be deployed through all possible communication channels. Leverage the functionality of location based services, user identification, push notifications, and HD media capture.


“We usually have anywhere between seven hundred and fifty thousand, and one million people. The Retrieve App has allowed us to communicate to a vast amount of people very easily.”

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Collect custom user information and access valuable insight into user behavior with powerful analytics tools.


“Retrieve allowed us to take really complicated tasks that people need to know details about and record them.”

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Our innovative distribution capabilities allow you to create environments that are public, semiprivate, or completely private. Further segment by user data and user behavior to communicate with a precise set of users.


“Retrieve is expanding our possibilities by being able to create this application for us. Having this app is going to be tremendous for our ability to successfully deliver content, ensure that its learned, and that our users are competent with it.”

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Every single piece of information across the platform is fully searchable, including spoken words in video, optical character recognition in images, and crawled text in documents.


“I call it a filing cabinet in their hand, because our employees have all of our latest and greatest files, webinars, and material available to them at any time when they’re on the road.” Kerstin, Digital

Kerstin, Digital Marketing Manager keystone.jpg