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Provide organized information

Clone your trainers or subject matter experts so you can scale your business, reduce repetitive tasks or provide easily-accessible content as a "leave-behind" so users can retrieve your information at any time.  We provide the tools that allow you to organize your videos, pictures, text and documents into an easily consumable package.

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“Now we can present material either physically in person, or remotely by providing online or mobile based training applications with Retrieve. That really becomes an effective, a cost effective, efficient way to train a large number of people in a short period of time.“

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Easily retrievable

Searching for information has never been easier. Everything on the Retrieve platform is searchable, including spoken words in video. Searchability combined with custom mobile applications allow your users to access all of your information from anywhere. 

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“I call it a filing cabinet in their hand, because our employees have all of our latest and greatest files, webinars, and material available to them at any time when they’re on the road.” 

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Notify employees and customers

Email is still the cornerstone of business communication, but less than 30% of emails get opened. Our platform offers a new way to notify, update and retrieve internal and external information.

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“We usually have anywhere between seven hundred and fifty thousand, and one million people. The Retrieve App has allowed us to communicate to a vast amount of people very easily.”

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Inform and support in one place

When does training end and support begin? With Retrieve, you can educate your users with organized multimedia content and continue to educate your users through our two way communication features.

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“Retrieve gives us an application to be able to offer or Salespeople the information they need, the tools they need, and the answers from places like our customer service and our reps without them having to be there."

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Ensure adoption

Verify that your users receive, consume and understand your information. Report on video views, certifications passed, surveys completed, questions asked and much more with our in-depth reports.

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“The Retrieve adoption was the fastest that I’ve experienced in my 20 years in marketing.“

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A library of information

Provide information privately, semi-privately or publicly. Deliver your information and communication tools to the right people using our advanced distribution techniques. 

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“Retrieve is expanding our possibilities by being able to create this application for us. Having this app is tremendous for our ability to successfully deliver content, ensure that its learned, and that our users are competent with it.”

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