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Convey what you mean in the format that best suits you.

The traditional methods of assessing someone's knowledge aren't working. Students might be able to guess correctly on the typical True or False, Multiple Choice, or even short answer questions. 

Professors can benefit from the use of video explanations because they can gauge their student's comprehension.

Check out the example above - do you think the student knows the answer to the question?

Students can demonstrate mastery of skills.

Students can now prove their competency to their professors or future employers without a shred of doubt - especially with complex or highly visual topics.

Here is a student taking an exam on HTML/CSS. I can confidently say they are competent in the assignment.


Experiential learning without leaving the classroom.

Give your students all the tools they need for success. Real-world examples of topics are vital to the learning process. Take the costs of travel, coordination, and loss of time out of the equation to help your students understand the application of their knowledge.